Reasons for Hair Loss and a Simple Remedy

Reasons for Hair Loss and a Simple Remedy

If you are reading this blog, you are probably experiencing some kind of hair fall. Hair loss, no matter of what sort, is highly undesirable, especially for women. But it is totally normal. Infect we lose up to an average to 50 to 100 hair strands per day. However, losing more than this average amount of hair for a long period of time is maybe a sign of abnormal hair loss, which must be treated as soon as possible. Therefore, renowned hair filler named Dr. CYJ hair filler has been becoming more popular since hair fall problems are increasing day by day. This hair filler is mainly consisting of hyaluronic acid which hydrates the scalp, resulting in hydrated hair roots that will grow hair more easily and consistently. Online Suppliers like Meso Pro sells Dr.CYJ hair filler, you can buy it from there.

As increasing problems of hair fall, we must study the reasons in order to avoid them for better hair care. Following are some of the reasons why hair fall has excessively increasing other than normal:


Once we reach to a certain age, some of us will lose a lot more hair, which is not normal based on our genetic makeup. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do about it.

  1. SLEEP

Millions and millions of different cells are generated into your body as you sleep. This is considered your body’s arresting phase. You need your sleep to survive you hair growth. So if your are not sleeping enough, you will probably experience a huge amount of hair loss.


There are so many fascinating things that happen while you are pregnant. The body will transform wherever possible to nourish fetus. The body will take the nutrients from your body parts such as hair and will feed the baby inside you. This may also cause hair fall.

However, there might be other reasons as well, but the prominent ones women these days are facing are listed above. However, at the start of the blog I have already mentioned the remedy to cure your hair loss i.e. by using Dr. CYJ hair filler. You can easily get original quality of this product from This online site is easy accessible and simple for purchasing.

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